Downtown Springdale Mural Tees

In 2021 the Downtown Springdale Alliance awarded grants to seven local artists to create murals in downtown Springdale. The grants were funded by the Walton Family Foundation, Arts Center of the Ozarks and with support from the Tyson Family Foundation and downtown property owners including the Holcomb Arts District.

The artists spent their springtime months planning and painting. And now they’re complete and have transformed our downtown. We are so grateful for everybody involved in this, especially the artists. We know you love these murals, and we know you especially love the artists behind them. So here’s an easy way to show some love and add a cool t-shirt to your collection.

Purchase a shirt. Purchase multiple shirts. Purchase as many as you like. There’s a shirt for each mural. 7 murals. 7 shirts. Shirts are just $30.00, and 60% of the profit goes to the artists.

Order yours now! Shirts will be available for pick up at our Art-Tees reception on June 24, 2021 at Turnbow Park in downtown Springdale. Pick up your shirts. meet the artist. Get them to sign your shirt! And while you're there, enjoy a bite to eat downtown and live tunes at Live at Turnbow.


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